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  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 10:17:53 -0400

which do you mean ? 
1) after first creating a user they do not have any mail in their inbox or
2) someone who has mail in their inbox in Outlook, when they first log in to 
OWA, they don't see any mail .... if they close their browser and log in 
immediately again to OWA, then they see their mail ...
3) someone who has mail in their inbox in Outlook, when they first log in to 
OWA, they don't see any mail ... and they only see new mail that arrives .. 
they never see the mail they have in their inbox in Outlook ....
1) = normal
2) = i don't think this is your problem ... also I don't know the answer ....
3) = sounds like mail is being delivered to their personal folders and stored 
locally on the clients in pst's ... set up corporate Outlook for them (along 
with their personal folders)  .. change delivery to deliver to their exchange 
inbox ... then users can copy their old email from their personal folders to 
their Exchange inbox ....

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        Subject: [exchangelist] owa interesting problem
        i have a problem with my OWA Setup I guess. I am using
        Exchange2k running on win2k. I can access OWA but the
        problem is for the first login of every user to their
        OWA mailbox they dont have any msg in the inbox. why
        is that for the first login OWA inbox is empty? also
        after logging in users are expecting to see all their
        old or previous mails and they dont see it using OWA?
        How can I fix these problems. users want to see all
        their emails previous and new when they login to OWA.
        thank you
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