outlook 2000 across wan

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 13:25:14 +0530

I have a two mailboxes.They are in two different storage groups.

Client - outlook 2000
Server - Exchange 2000

The mailbox for HR is in first storage group(2GB) and the other mailbox for
VIP is in second storage group(13 GB.)
Both of them connect to their respective mailbox through the wan

When HR clicks the new mail button it opens immediatly.(mailbox size=300MB)
But when the VIP clicks the new mail button it takes about 1min to open the
new windows.(mailbox size=4GB).I know the reason, it is because of big
mailbox size and also a big storage group.

Can someone give me a better explanation.i need to explain this to my
CTO.Please help.

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