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-------------------------------------------------------I think it is the matter 
of creating a rule and redirecting to your junk mail folder

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Subj:  [ExchangeList] Re: out of office replies in 5 different languages
Date:  Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:34 pm
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This problem is present on most mailing lists, some more so than others, and 
cannot be fixed by the list server itself.  These messages are delivered 
directly to you from list members.  The problem is an education issue. 
So you want "someone" to fix the problem?   Look in the mirror.  Become an 
educator.  Instead of posting to the list as you just did, follow up in 
PRIVATE MAIL directly to those who have sent you an OOO or rule-based reply. 
A complaint on the list is barely noticed by the guilty parties, most of 
whom aren't even aware they are doing it.   But if those people receive 30+ 
messages from list members, EVERY TIME THEY SEND AN OOO to the list, they 
will rapidly become aware. 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] out of office replies in 5 different languages 
can we somehow filter out of office replies from this list? I am tired of 
seeing automated replies. I am sure this is a problem for others as well  

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