[ExchangeList] Re: offline-Defragmentation

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 22:53:19 +0530

Even u can plan for DB consolidation for eliminating the white space in
the database. Procedure for doing this is as follows.
Move all the mailboxes to different store.
Dismount the store.
Rename the database to some other name.
Mount the store.
New database will get recreated.
Delete the old renamed database.
Move all the mailboxes back to the original store.

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Configure database maintenance and you will start getting 1221s.



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Few of my exchange database is un-necessarily high, it is showing 29 GB
though it has only 200 users each, other databases are showing only 5 to
7 GB. How do I decide about running offline defrag or not on this
database. I am not even getting any 1221 events also. Because of the
size of the database my backup is taking longer. 


I use exchange 2003 SP2 on windows 2003 SP1. Please advice.



Praveen R



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