# of ways to crash my test Ex 2K server

  • From: "Carl Webster" <carl8822@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 14:58:10 -0500

In my studying for the Exchange 2000 Admin Exam [1] I am needing to test
recovering from a crashed Exchange Server.  My setup:

Win2K Adv Server - DC
Win2K Adv Server/Ex 2K Std
WinXP Pro w/Office 2003 for test client

All 3 computers are connected on a non-internet facing private test LAN.

I am using the Std version of Ex 2K so I can see what happens with the 16GB
limit.  Three groups of users have been setup: Execs, Admins and Users.
Each has different MB limits in force.  Here is what I plan to test:

Hitting the 16GB DB limit
pulling the plug on my Ex box while sending a 1GB attachment
deleting the log files before a b/u is made
delete the checkpoint file before a b/u is made
recovering a MB from a b/u
recovering a msg from a b/u
rebuilding the Ex box using a full system b/u and a normal Ex b/u
recover using a recovery server
receive virus infected e-mail and disinfect the server
sending/receiving e-mail that exceed the MB limits in force

After I finish testing the Std version I will install the Ent version and
mess with, and up, multiple stores and multiple databases.

Are there any other scenarios you would recommend for me to play with?



1.  No snide comments about MS certs and/or exams needed.  They are required
for my employment so I take them.

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