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You will have to prep 5.5 by finding the group accounts, accounts and public
folders with dl's for permissions.  You'll also need to run DS/IS
consistency etc.  There's a whole bunch of that information in the upgrade
series for 5.5 to Exchange 2000.  

Steps 4&5 are reversed as well (if you start ADC install, it will let you
know, but...)

Will Popcon work with 2000?  I have no idea.  That would be between the
group that wrote it and you to figure out I would think.  

SP's and the rest are detailed in the readme and upgrade notes.  It's step
by step so no worries.  

As a side note, it would be easier for you if you upgraded to Exchange 2003
instead.  It's also all wizard driven so no worries that you will miss
something.  In fact, if possible, you may want to download the install tools
regardless of what you deploy.  Exchdeploy.exe and Exchdeploy.chm are the
files you want and since they come with Exchange 2003, you may have to
download the eval version to get those two files.  It's worth it.

Also, be advised that disaster recovery is a whole new game if your Exchange
and Active Directory are on the same host.  As well, you won't ever gain
benefit of an additional GC should the need arise.  Hope that's a big enough


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Hello eveybody!
This is my first post so please be gentle..

I have been given the task to transfer existing exchange 5.5 servers to a
2000 server.
Coming from a lotus notes background, I have limited hands on experience
with exchange.

If any of you good people could give me a few answers to my queries, it
would be much appreciated.

This 2000 server will be both the DC and the exchange server. The exisisting
NT box will be de-commissioned. I will be moving around 70 mailboxes for an
office of up to 160 personnel.

They currently have two servers, the 2000 dc, and the exchange 5.5 server,
which are connecting to there ISP via ISDN.

They have an application called popcon to distribute the pop mail to
relevant internal mailboxes.

The steps I believe I should perform are: (please correct me in anyway for I
need it!)

1.      Perform backups on both servers
2.      Propagate the 2000 DC A/D with accounts with mailboxes disabled 
(may have already been done)

3.      Install IIS, NNTP etc..

4.      Run exchange ADC on the 2000 DC to make a connection agreement to NT

5.      Run forest prep and domain prep

6.      move mailboxes to 2000 DC

I know this is a short biography, but as I said I have limited hands on with

Do I need to pre prep the 5.5 exchange server in anyway

What SP's will I need?

Will this popcon work with 2000?
Is this the correct way of my mail boxe transfer?

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