RE: need to send a huge amount of mail

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:34:13 -0500

Your description is very unclear.
What is a "huge amount of mail"?
a) one very large message
b) a large number of small messages - specify how many
What does "incoming connection limit" mean?
a) a slow connection to the Internet at the client site
b) a limit to the number of concurrent SMTP sessions for receiving mail at
the client site
c) something else - describe in detail
If you said 1-b and 2-b, and your client is using Exchange and doesn't know
how to change the incoming connection limit, we need the version of Exchange
in order to advise you on how to advise your client.
BTW the default incoming connection limits for Exchange are fairly high.


From: Andre Meintjes [mailto:andrem@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 7:05 AM
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Subject: [exchangelist] need to send a huge amount of mail



I need to send a huge amount of mail to one domain. It takes ages because of
incoming mail connection limit.

Is there a way to get around this problem?


Short explanation....

The mails get send to the exchange server from an application server which
generates the electronic payslips who then routes it to the different

But because of the incoming connection limit takes hours to get to the


Any suggestions?





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