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PF Replication can be between servers in same Exchange Organisation.
Servers do not have to be in same domain.
Can only be one Exchange Org in a W2K Forest.  Are your servers in same
Exchange Organistaion?

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halo everyone,

i'd tried to replicate a public folder from ex5.5(domain A ) to ex2k (domain
B)using active
directory connector but it didn't worked. the message error was something

Unable to create an intra-organizational connection aggrement using the
specified exchange 5.5 server. The exchange 5.5 organization is different
from the exchange 2000 Connection Agreements to different Exchange 5.5
organizations must be created as inter-organizational Conection Agreements.
Select the inter-organizational Connection Agreement checkbox on the
Advanced page before continuing

ID no : c103aa39
Microsoft Active Directory Connector Management

but in the advanced tab, the checkbox is highligted in gray (not
is it possible to replicate public folder from one domain to another
domain(ex 5.5 to ex2000)?

thanx in advance

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