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your internal clients will not be able to connect ... in short any
machine using the internal name for resoultion will not be able to
connect. now you are asking specifically for mx records.... unless you
have some subdomains configured and all that... basically when you send
an email .. your mailserver gets in touch with the name server of the
destination domain and asks for an mx record to find out who or which
mail server is responsible for handling mails for that domain and based
on that it then contacts the machien that is responsible for the mails
and hands over the mails to that machine . so based on that you can make
your own conclusions. 

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I have two exchange 2000 servers. One of them is on isa-server computer,
and another - on internal computer.
I think that there is a problem with mx records in my dns.
What will happen if I remove mx record of internal computer?

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