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As a login name, this is handled at the Active Directory level.  Since
webmaster@xxxxxxx is representing a sID, logging into a resource in another
domain via local domain credentials is handled by the domain trusts.  

In practice, if your accounts is in domain which has a two-way kerb
trust with then you acl the mailbox called webmaster
with the sID represented by webmaster@xxxxxxxx  At this point,
webmaster@xxxxxxx does not have access to the webmaster@xxxxxxx mailbox,
right?  Repeat for the other domains as required. That's access.  Addressing
to the mailbox is straightforward with webmaster@xxxxxxx getting a mailbox
(represented likely by a user object or a disabled user object in Active
Directory), webmaster@xxxxxxx getting a mailbox, etc.

If you're hosting, you've hopefully already read the docs describing
building the GAL so that they can't see each other in the address list. 

Is that what you're after?


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For those who are hosting an Exchange 2000 or 2003 server with multiple
domain names, I have a question:  Do user login names have to be unique
across domains?  If so, how would one handle several users (each with their
own individual domain name) who want the same "login name" e.g.


Note that these are truly independent users, unrelated to, and unaware of,
one another, different companies/organizations, and *MUST* remin independent
of each other.


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