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I saw you have helped a lot of people.  Thanks for your questions and
any input.


I have exchange 2000.  The current drive has three database plus all the
log files.  The total space is 60GB.  Now just has 5GB left.  The
database I plan to move has 10GB .edb file and 3GB .stm file.  The new
drive has 70GB total and has 37GB free.


This is a very old server.  I haven't done offline defragmentation for
years.  Depends on most people from our group and the other resource, I
feel I'd better not to do it.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  I did find in
the EventViewer, the eventide 1221, I have 7GB, 20GB, 8GB free space for
three databases.





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What version of Exchange?  Depending on the answer to that, you are
either moving the entire database to the new, bigger drive, or you could
be adding an additional mailbox store and just moving that mailbox.


Really need a bit more info - how big is the drive your database is
currently on and how big is your target?


What caused you to run out of space?  Was it just the Exchange database,
or log files, or something else entirely?


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I need to move one of the mailboxes to a different drive since the
current one doesn't have enough space.  Microsoft has several articles
tell I need to change the database location.  What should I do with the
database file on the current drive?  If the answer is move the new
drive, will it be overwrite? 


I'm sure this is a very easy question for most of you.  I have searched
on google.  I haven't got the answer yet.  Thanks for your input!    



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