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Yes. We used it to migrate 300 accounts. Did mail from 1/1/2001. Does not 
correctly bring across
encrypted messages. When doing calendar, be sure to select date range into 
future otherwise all
future meetings and not brought across. We had about 10 gig of mail and it took 
all weekend we
worked 7/24 in shifts. 

Noticed that it worked better to select blocks of 20 accounts. Why. Failures 
were frequent and the
whole batch would be screwed up. This way, if you have a problem with a batch 
you know in like 1/2
hour and can identify the problem and restart. Problems were caused by corrupt 

Personal address books did not work, utilitiies to convert them did not work. 
intermediate files did not work so we wrote a routine in Cambio and that 
worked. I understand that
others did not have the personal address book conversion problems that we did.

We had to go through by hand and remove the Notes mail addresses associated 
with each user account
that gets created. This was a major pain. Some got left in and that created 
mail failures later.
There is probably a way to write a program to do this but we didn't have the 
skill set.

--- Luke Marioni <lmarioni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> has anyone here used the migration wizard to migrate from lotus notes?
> cheers
> L
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