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  • Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 22:13:16 -0500

the /cleanrules option looks like that did the job i will find out more
in the morning when the user starts sending out lots of meeting request
. thanks for you response and guide on this issue thank you very much i
will let the list know more in the morning 


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1.       Outlook.exe/cleanrules (make a copy of the rule)

2.       Accepting or denying a meeting request causes a "5.1.1"
non-delivery report in Exchange Server


3.       Make sure you are up to date on your Exchange patches; it will
not correct your current issue; but prevent further ones I believe.

Members of your organization may receive a non-delivery report if your
delegate's mailbox object is removed from Active Directory before you
can remove the delegate in Outlook 2003




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i have a user that when requesting a meeting and the other side responds
the other side get a ndr about a user that no longer is avalible in the

this only happens on meeting request from this user i can not find were
this problem maybe thanks 

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