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Title: Store dismount
I would agree with David, but I would call MS Support. $245.00 US and they will take you through fixing it from start to finish.  They ask what the final result is to be. Be sure to be specific in what you want them to do. Only use them as a last resort, but I would say you are there now.
This problem requires going into ADSIEdit and removing instances of the old (A) E2K box information and then doing probably doing another re-build of the E2K box.
This is not a task I would recommend doing on your own.
just my 2c
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AOA all
i have a 2000 domain controller and setup Xchange 2000 on a backup Domain controller Named A.
it became corrupt and remove it and install again on the same machine with name B. now my users are not going to access their mail box as their mail box are appearing on server A , which is no more live. now wat should i do ?????
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