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Here is a list of supported SSL Certs with Windows Mobile Devices



Here is a way to add root certs to your windows Mobile 5.0 device (this
is possible, but a pain for the admin when deploying devices).



By the way - this info was found by doing a Google on 'Windows Mobile
SSL Certs'.  Immediate results...


Chris Wall



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There are three places that certs are used as far as Exchange and
Outlook is concerned:  OWA, RPC/HTTP, and ActiveSync/OMA.


For OWA and RPC/HTTP, the pre-populated certs are in your Windows
workstation (XP, 2000, Mac etc.).


What cert CAs are pre-populated for mobile devices?  I expect this would
vary by manufacturer, or even by service provider.  Does anyone have a
list of "officially approved pre-populated list of CAs" that we can be
confident will work for mobile devices?  (other than Verisign, Thawte
and Geotrust) 




On 6/22/06, Evan Mann <emann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

There are cheap ones that use trusted CA's (that MS pre-populates), you
just need to be careful with which free one you use.


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