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  • Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 17:15:03 -0400

To answer your direct question, if you have a static IP address, a
domain you own, and an MX record pointing to that IP Address (Assuming
it points to your mail system here) then nope, POP3 would go away, and
you would just send mail and receive mail directly.
If you're concerned about interviewing, there really aren't any 'basic'
areas to cover.  You need to know as much as possible, because there's
no telling what someone will ask.  Generally I like to touch on
different areas depending on the job function I am interviewing someone
for - obviously the expectation for level of knowledge of an admin would
be different from interviewing an architect or a help desk analyst.
Another thing I like to do is ask questions around troubleshooting, and
things that get folks thinking.  I like to use scenarios and see how
well a candidate can think on their feet, work through a problem or
challenge on the fly, and see how that goes.  Sometimes I ask questions
completely unrelated to the job function that contain logic problems -
nothing better for delving into the candidate's thought process (well,
maybe a polygraph...but that would seem like poor taste to me...)  If
the job would involve you being an escalation point, I would also
probably ask you questions around your ability to handle that as well.
Every interviewer is different though - if they are stressing
'theoreticals' that sounds to me like they are going to toss out
theoretical situations and ask you how they should be handled.  So I
guess that's what you should prep for - which is tough.  That sort of
interview tends to call on your existing base of knowledge and
experience moreso that something you could study to prep for the
interview.  Which most likely is why they want to ask those questions ;)


From: sudarshan [mailto:ss_mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] interview ques on exch 2000 

hi friends

i will undergoing an exchange server interview.Can any one pl guide me
what r the probable questions that i may encounter.

Right now i m managing an exc server 2000 with 150 users and we use a
pop3 connector for downloading the mails from an isp and use smtp
connector for sending mails.If suppose my co plans for a public ip,does
the pop3 connector come into picture,i m a little confused about that.

As per my views ,i m thinking on preparing on

routing groups,backup strategies,mail box restore,circular
logging,transaction log files,bridgehead servers,ndr,policies.In
addition to this they may ask ques on ads .

Mostly the interviewers stress on theoritical terms .

thanks in advance


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