implentation of Exch 2000 between 2 sites !!!!!!!!!

  • From: "lancy saldanha" <lancysaldanha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 13:30:05 +0000

Hi guys/ masters of exchange 2000

i have been given a project by my company to implement ms exchange 2000 between two sites A & B.

i have decided to go ahead with Win2k Advanced aerver as the O/S at both the locations.
Location A will be connected to the ISP with 2 mbps leased line.
Location B will be connected to location A by 8 mbps ATM line.

i have decided to do the following.
Implement a domain controller in a forest at location A
make location B a child domain .does this effect my bandwidth between location A & B. do i need to try something different? i.e domain controller in a different tree under a single forest?
once this is done iam sure mails will transferred between two locations without configuring anything on exchange.that what i have an idea? anybody has to say anything on this?
now the other thing that worries me is the connectivity between two sites for mail.
what do i need to do so that the mails from location B goes to user@xxxxxxx who is out of our domain goes through location A exchange server which speaks to the DNS. can somebody throw some light on this.i dont want to go for enterprise edition? which service pack is good? what about service pack three of win2k & exch 2K?
hope u all guys will help me out
thanks in advance
lancy saldanha

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