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For IMF documentation, read the v1 docs and then the SP2 release notes.

IMF meets your (1), (2) and (3) requirements.

You can get other solutions to do better spam blocking, either running on
Exchange or on a separate box.  Some that run on a separate box can be had
for free (they are usually built on a Linux derivative).  Those that
integrate into Exchange are not free.


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Okay, running Exchange 2003 enterprise with SP2. After installing I started 
looking around for documentation on IMF and most that I found was about IMF 
ver 1.  I've also been paying attention to comments on this list and others 
about IMF in general.

I have some simple things that I want to do

1) block certain domains (blacklist) at the smtp session level so I don't 
have to deal with their crap
2) block certain accounts at the smtp session level that used to exist on
exchange server. We have several accounts like contact@xxxxxxxxxx and 
subscribers@xxxxxxxxxx, that we dumped as they were get 99% spam and 1% real

3) some general blocking at the smtp session level using RBL's and the like 
to reduce the amount of spam and viruses that our Trend Client Server 
Security Messaging Suite (ver 3.0) needs to deal with.
4) whitelist specific emails and domains, particularly mailing lists used by

the staff, I see from Carl Houseman's comments, this might not be possible
IMF 2.0

The firewall is the fortigate FG60 which also has the capability to block 
incoming smtp traffic, however, it's antispam solution is not granular
for my tastes.

So is IMF the tool for me, or are there other free or cheap solutions to do 
the trick at the smtp session level?

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