RE: howto: move storage groups

  • From: "Stig Joergensen" <stig.joergensen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 17:35:20 +0200

Thanks Matt, Mark and Merril (ok thats strange... 3 ppl responded all
started with the letter M - what is the odds on this happening ?-)
But luckly the server is a complete AD server on it own (want to lean
about that aswell :-) with just about everyting installed- dns, iis, sql
and what have you.....  Didn't wanna mess up the corporate net in anyway
- if i could avoid it.... all we have now is a trust between my test
domain and the real domain..... so it should be preaty simple to clean
up - just remove the trust and take my server down.....

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        Since you installed a "test" install of Exchange, I imagine you
will at
        some point want to uninstall it.  It is OK to uninstall it, but
        just shut the Exchange server off when you're done with it.
When you
        install Exchange, it modifies Active Directory.  If you just
turn the
        Exchange server off, those modifications stay around, and we all
        what stale data can do to a network.  If you do a Remove of
        that should take care of the Active Directory items.
        Matt Walkowiak

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