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If you right click on the Storage Group in Exchange System Manager you can
change the location of the log and system files, I normally keep these

If you right click on the Mailbox Store and select properties then goto the
Database tab you can move the Databases (EDB and STM) again I normally keep
these together.

Its good practice to try and keep the logs/system files on a seperate hard
disk to the databases.

I have noted your comments about the online Chat times, and will now include
the GMT Time as well, being and Englishman in New York, I thought everyone
knew what EST was :-)

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Hi all,

Im not actually an exchange admin, but just fiddling around with a test
installment for e2k to learn what it can /can not do, but i've run into
a small problem that i can not, for the life of me, find a way around -
i was to optimistic when choosing a partition for the storage groups,
and now i've runed into space problems and would like to move the
databases (and log files) to a new disk... how do i do that?


Separate note:, when stating the online chat times, could you also
please write the GMT time, as i can not remember each timezone in my
head.... (im sure others that dont live continental us have the same


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