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  • Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 13:37:39 +0300



I agree with Prabhu type the URL with out http://www <http://www/>   for
example (mail.yourname.com/exchange) and use custom 403.4 error page on your
IIS to redirect http to https 



Mansoor Mohd 



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Sorry, i should have mentioned that it is a https site and the url is
somthing like this https://mail 



Praveen R 

Prabhu Kamuni <prabhu2311@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi ,


Give the URL in the following way ...


say your url is www.abcd.com <http://www.abcd.com/> 





just give  abcd.com , so they can copy and paste abcd.com in to web..so it
directs because there would be www ( header) will be added in webserver...if
we will not type www also it redirects ...


let me know if it helps u ?



Praveen Ramaswamy <ramaswamy_praveen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:



I created a script which e-mails users whose password will expire in three
days time. In this e-mail I have instructions to change the password and
also the URL. Now security team has objected to this saying that providing
the URL in the e-mail and asking users to click on those links is a bad
preaching. And I also agree to this to an extent. Hence I am thinking is
there a way to put the URL without highlighting it, so that users do a copy
and paste or if they have to press Cntrl key that is also fine. 


Please let me know if you guys know a method to do this. I have written a
script in PERL.



Praveen R


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