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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 09:48:17 +0700

[exchangelist] MSG's taking 20 to 60 min before they sendhi guys,
i already running ex2k with sp3 on w2k with sp3 too.  when i'm installing it, i 
follow step by step guide from technet site.  but i think my server is running 
not smooth.  there's always problem with the queue, mailboxes, etc.  so, can 
anyone help me for the installation step by step ?  let me explain my network 
for the sketch.  

provider -----  switch -----  internet/email server
                                           |          |
                                       user1    user2  .......

we're using leased channel, but the bandwidth is very poor.  we're connected to 
provider via utp cable (not modem/router), from provider to our switch, then 
share to internet/mail server, from internet server shared to our LAN.  can 
anyone help me for the guide what i have to do step by step for the internet 
server installation and mail server installation ?  does this afftect to 
bandwidth along installed on the same machine  ?

thank you.

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