[ExchangeList] Re: free space after offline defrag

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 21:13:28 -0700

>>Something is not right 
this is true.  namely this part:
>>I do the offline defrag once a month
Exchange reuses whitespace.  Why are you routinely making your Exchange
server have to waste cycles growing its database all the time because you
shrunk it to get 120MB?  Let it reuse its whitespace.
There is absolutely no need to do offline defrags monthly, quarterly or even
Such defrags are left for mass deletions and mailbox moves an order of
magnitude greater than your 2GB.


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Hello everyone


I just have this strange feeling. We got a 2003 SP2 server. I have a mail
box manager policy that cleans up junk mail and deleted items after a week.
Every Sunday night I get a report that at least 500 MB is deleted. So when I
do the offline defrag once a month at least I should get 2 GB of free space
back from database. But that doesn't happen. As an example I ran a defrag
last night after 2 month wait and I only got 120 megabyte back. Something is
not right and my database keeps growing larger. Any idea?


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