RE: forwarding emails and licensing

  • From: Danny <nocmonkey@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 12:03:56 -0400

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 11:49:32 -0400 (EDT), A. M. Salim
<msalim@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I'd argue with your interpretation of this licensing spec. By defining a
> > user account, giving it an address (which becomes a personally identifiable
> > attribute related to the person in question), and forwarding mail that goes
> > to that address, I believe you are indeed "using the server software."
> Well I just got off the phone with my Microsoft Licensing rep (a MS
> employee, not a local distributer or partner) and after a detailed
> discussion, he agrees with the above interpretation, i.e. all forwarded
> users would definitely need CALs just like any other user, because the
> email is indeed hitting the Exchange server and using it's resources.

The users are not directly connecting to the Exchange server, so I do
not see how that requires a license. But, you spoke to an MS employee,
so I must be wrong. However, in the past I have received inconsistant
answers to the same question, so until I see this written on their
website, my mouth will be salty. :)


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