[ExchangeList] Re: file filtering best practice?

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  • Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 21:38:33 -0400

Zero day is what I'm concerned about.


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Is there a settings where it would block zip attachments based on an
outbreak?  Normally your AV software should block any zip's with known
viruses.  The risk is that a new virus comes out, propogates via zip,
and noe of the AV vendors can identify.  In this case, an outbreak
'flag' would block/quarantine all zips temporarily. 

On 7/25/06, Arnold, Jamie <harnold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        In dealing with zip files specifically, I' m wondering what is
considered the "best practice "?  We simply remove the file at our edge
proxy, but have been getting a little flack from a few users.  Our data
shows that nearly 94% of the .zip files that come in via email are
infected so I' m not likely to be convinced to allow them through.


        What say you?

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