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  • Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 06:26:04 -0500

Subject: RE: Soka|Defag|Frequency
From: "Ripon Bahl" <ripon.bahl@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 13:51:26 +0530
...In order to release that white space you need to perform offline defragment. 
Now the question arises
is when to do it. Well the best way to judge is to check for event id 1221
in the Exchange server application log which will give clear picture of
white space in both private and public database. 

Ripon (and others), I do have a question regarding the 1221 ID...
Is it accurate that this amount of free space noted in the event reflects space 
that can be reclaimed, but NOT neccessary Free Space potential available to the 
Store as a whole? 
Meaning, using the 16 gig max as a baseline...
-- Say 10 gig has been used for messages (so we have 6 gig left until max)...
-- We delete two gigs of Messages (so now we have 8 gig left until max)...
-- The 1221 will show 2 gig space can be reclaimed, correct?

I ask, because particularly my Public Store 1221 will show I have 500 mg to be 
reclaimed, but I know that when I look at the size of the edb and stm files (or 
via ESM) the Public Store is nowhere near capacity. My Private Store, I just 
need to clean up based on our recent issues.

Thanks for the clarity. Dan

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