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We prefer to use ExMerge as the other tools do not handle the dumpster.

We have a situation where we set the 'Keep Deleted Items' to 5200 days
and set no upper mailbox size on the basis we would be purchasing a
compliance/archiving solution some time after our Exchange
implementation but wanted to keep all sent/received emails so we could
import them to our compliance/archiving solution at a later date.

We now have our compliance/archiving solution and are moving mailboxes
to new Information Stores which do have 30 day deleted item retention
and maximum mailbox sizes (so we can remove the original information
stores Exchange was built with and regain control of our Exchange

We were advise by our supplier that we could use the Exchange Mailbox
Migration tool and it would "keep all the deleted items".  It did not.

We too have an issue with the ExMerge tool not being able to create PSTs
greater than approximately 2Gb.

Under our SA agreement we asked Microsofty if they could either;

Allow ExMerge to create larger PSTs


Change ExMerge such that when it reached a given threshhold, it would
close the PST it was working on and create a new PST based upon the name
of the original PST (e.g. MJS.PST being the original name, would then
cause MJS-002.PST, MJS-003.PST and so on thus working round the size

This would allow us to achieve our desired action or importing all email
sent since Exchange was installed into our archiving/compliance product,
including those items where all users had deleted them from their
mailbox meaning the only remaining copy is in the dumpster.

Unfortunately, Microsoft have not been forthcoming in assistance with
this matter, merely indicating ExMerge will be discontinued and no
further development will be undertaken.  They also state this is an
issue for our archiving/compliance vendore to resolve, importing the
email directly the dumpster.

Our archiving/supplier vendore states ExMerge is their chosen method and
that Microsoft should update ExMerge (although they appear not to be
asking Microsoft to do this, inferring that we should do so).

So, I would not wholeheartedly agree with the Exchange Migration Wizard
being the correct, or complete, answer if you also want to take the
Dumpster items across to the new mailbox.

I would also recommend that you move the mailbox as soon as possible in
case it reaches the 2Gb (or 1.8Gb if you want) limit meaning ExMerge
will have issues exporting the dumpster.

In the meantime, while we are stuck between Microsoft (with whom we have
SA) and our archiving/compliance vendor we have more mailboxes reaching
the size where ExMerge will not be able to export the Dumpster due to
size limits.

As well as adding my tuppence to this debate, I would also appreciate
any suggestions upon how we can resolve our situation.

(I would also countenance anyone intending upon purchasing an
archiving/compliance solution upon asking the vendor whether the way
they access the Dumpster is through ExMerge or do they access it
directly (programmatically) from their own product if they feel they may
have the Dumpster issue described above.)

Our setup is a 2-node Active/Active SAN Booting Exchange 2003 cluster.


Mat Sutton
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