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Srivas Kainkaryam, I noted that you started out in this group in
February, and you have been a "helper" all the way - congratulations, I
hope that the information that you have passed on has helped resolve the
20 or so problems that you have addressed. 

Are you a Microsoft Certified professional? I am not and probably never
will be. I object to the way that Microsoft treat you and me and
everyone else for that matter. Their product lifecycle is about 2 years,
so retraining for the new product every two years at approximately 2% of
my annual turnover (for each product) is not acceptable (I am a
non-Microsoft certified consultant, consulting to users who don't want
to pay the big bucks that the "big boys" want to charge). I handle
primarily SBS (4.5 & 2000), Windows (98, NT4, 2000 & XP), Office (97, 2K
& XP) many DOS based specialist apps (because some "consultants" don't
even know what the DOS subst command is for) and Linux. I suppose I
could employ a trained specialist in each field and charge the big bucks
that is possible, but I enjoy the personal challenge of tackling the new
software and "semi-mastering" it.

The person asking for help got short, succinct and accurate answers to
his questions - after all I make a living out of support, do I really
want to support my competitors? Well, strangely, yes. I also help out on
this news group. I have helped solve problems posted, where I can. I
believe that if I ask for free help, I should be prepared to give
something back.

You may also care to note that it was nearly an hour since Paul had
posted his question. I also note that nobody else has answered his post
to this time. So can I assume the answers that I gave are basically
approved by the majority of the group?

Before you take time out to attack someone, I suggest that you consider
how productive that will be? Hey, it doesn't bother me - I just find it
curious that you didn't think that my answers were accurate. Perhaps you
would have preferred me to quote book titles and chapters? I also note
that you have not answered Paul's query. It is not uncommon on this
newsgroup for multiple answers on a single query. I hope that Paul gets
as much information as the rest of us out of this newsgroup, if he
decides to follow the Exchange Server path

Just as an aside, in November last year I pointed out to Microsoft that
WindowsXP was running considerably slower after applying Service Pack1
(particularly in a Win2K server based network) I spent nearly 2 months
at great personal expense trying to reconfigure and "try this"
suggestions from Microsoft and others to resolve this issue. Of course
Microsoft denied this was an issue or could possibly be so - until
around the middle of March this year when they released a Knowledgebase
article stating that the have a hotfix workaround that MAY resolve a
problem where WindowsXP may take ten times longer to load a program
after service pack 1 is installed.
Why should I respect Microsoft or Microsoft support?

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane Australia

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