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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 00:55:10 +0100

Directed at John Tolmachoff.

Hi John,

I agree with your statements, but as a newbee! myself I have tried
reading the books and find it very hard to absorb the info thereby
contained. Probably due to a lack of formal training. But over time you
will hear more and more from me because my interest is very genuine and
if I can eventually help other newbee's! by experience then I shall be
very pleased with my learning curve. I again reiterate my grateful
thanks for the help received from this group(exchange list/isa list)
members whether formally qualified or qualified by experience. My
personal skills have been greatly enhanced and I earn a living on the
back of this fact albeit as a newbee!. One day I will attain full
qualification by experience counts for everything in my book, will
probably take a long time though (I am determined).

Professionals are made from amateurs, and amateurs become professionals
with help from the likes of this group.

Keep up the good work, (just had to say all that).

Best regards,

Rick Parsons 

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> I understand a person asking of help should not be taken for a "ride".
> hope others would see the futility of Mr. Stephen's mailing style and
> condone such activity as I have done so.

The person was not asking for help. He was asking for information on
to find resources on a subject he knows nothing of.

Any professional should know where to find basic resources. Again, we
talking about basics, not problem solving or features. As he is a member
this list, he must know about By nature of the list, it
for helping people with issues and such, not for basic questions such as
where can I find information about Exchange.

Furthermore, there seems to be a proliferation of newbie's asking basic
questions on a list without first doing any research. (Not just this
one, on
many.) While this in itself is not an issue, it indicates a lack of
professionalism in that the person has not done some basic research,
turning directly to a list to ask questions.

Example, I have seen the same question basic question being asked over
over on the ISA list. This information is 1. Readily available in the
archives, 2. Readily available on, 3. Readily available on

> Pardon me Mr. Stephen, I felt that the tone of your message was a bit
> rude for reply to a newbie.

I respectfully disagree with your opinion Mr. Srivas.

John Tolmachoff
Owner, Network Engineer/Consultant
eServices For You
City of Industry, CA

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