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First thing's first:
Gotta have an MX record defined in your DNS.  This is what mail servers
look at when they try to send you mail using SMTP.  So, if someone wants
to send a mail message to user@xxxxxxxxxx, the sending SMTP server asks
the Internet what IP address it should be sending this message to.  The
DNS world looks at "" and finds the record (on the
authoritative DNS server) and then it looks for an MX record.  From that
info, the SMTP server should know what IP address to send the mail
message to.

Next, the sending SMTP server starts spitting packets (the e-mail
message) toward the IP address it learned from the DNS lookup.  Also, it
sends them on port 25.  I cannot remember if you said you were using NAT
or not, but let's pretend you are.  The first device the packets hit is
your DSL Router.  Since that device has absolutely no clue what e-mail
is (it just routes packets...) you need to tell it to have any packet
with a Destination Port of 25 to be forwarded to your Exchange server
(receiving SMTP server).  So now packets are hitting your Exchange

Now you need to make sure that the Exchange server can correctly respond
to requests on port 25 (SMTP).  I cannot quite remember what needs to be
done on a Win2000 Exchange 2000 to receive mail (it's been too long
since I installed Exchange anywhere) but I think it does it by default.

All of the above can be tested by going to an outside machine and
telneting to port 25 of


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nope...haven't received any mail at home.
nope...haven't created an MX record in DNS. Lemme try to do that now.
nope...haven't tried to telnet in from the outside.
nope...haven't modified or created an inbound policy for my domain.

OK it may be little obvious that I'm not an Exchange guy. I have some
email programs that seem easier to configure but I thought I'd give EX2K
I do have a W2K domain with a registered name. It's running AD and has
AD-Integrated DNS server on the one DC.
Any knowledge that can be shed on making this work is greatly

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> I'm guessing there's a step I'm missing.

Have you received mail at home before?  I'm assuming that you have an MX
record configured for your domain.  You also should have tested that you
telnet to port 25 on your server from the outside and get prompts.

Did you configure your recipient policy in E2k system manager to accept
inbound mail for that domain?  I only ask because it took me a few
to figure that out...

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