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On the Exchange2000 cd you will find a program called ExMerge, or
something like that.  It is your friend.  It can take a .PST file and
automatically import it into an Existing mail box.  That's the key: you
need to have all the users and their Exchange accounts already setup.
Usually when we would do this for our clients (upgrade old slow server
with new fast one) we would create a new domain and new user/mail
accounts and new passwords...  Then use ExMerge to import the .pst files
from the old server.  One thing, if you have a Public folder, ExMerge
doesn't have a good way to handle that.  It works best to use Outlook to
copy it to one users mailbox before you export their mailbox to a .PST

Good luck!


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Our company has an old Nt 4.0 server running Small Business Server 4.5
with Exchange
5.5 housing 50 mailboxes.  This is using the Microsoft exchange pop
connector to go to our ISP and pull down all new mail and then the
5.5 server send the new mail to the clients.
We have just bought  a brand new dual processor server with Raid 5.  I
planned on Installing Exchange 2000 on the new server and using it as
new mail server and get away from using pop connector and make it a true
email server.  I am also planning on using owa for the remote clients.
I have ran into a problem in that Small business server is not allowing
itself to be joined to a new domain or allow any trust relationships
the new server.  I wanted to use the forestprep switch when installing
exchange 2000 on the new server but the old server will not allow the
server to connect and export the information.
So my question is,  Is there a way to Install exchange 2000 on the new
server and just import all of the clients mailboxes from the exchsrv
directory on the old server?
I also have all of the clients' mailboxes saved to their local hard
as PST files but I have not seen a way to just import PSt files in

Thank you very much for your assistance and I apologize for writing so

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