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  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 14:06:48 -0500

you are right, I am thoroughly confused.....when I do an ns lookup on the mx
record for the domain I'm having trouble sending mail to, the MX record
appears to be correct, and when I ping their mail server, the address is
resolving properly.....BTW I am fairly new to NT and exchange in particular,
with a lot more *nix and Novell experience, so don't be too hard on is the stupid NT question of the day....on a dual homed box, when
I change the DNS for the inside NIC to point to internal DNS, it also
changes on the outside do I stop this? Also, if this were a DNS
problem, would it be limited to a single domain? 

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As confusing as it may be and I know you are convinced it is not a DNS
problem but it is!  The host is unreachable means exactly that, it
cannot reach the host, which means the host is ether physically
disconnected or the DNS is looking in the wrong place, ( subnets?).

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Good Afternoon,
My first post to the list.....does anyone know why I wouldn't be able to
send mail to one domain?
The messages hang in the IMC queue for a day with a host unreachable
error......I have seen similar problems in the past, but not limited to
domain......BTW, the admin from the other domain and I have done
troubleshooting of this problem, and have determined it is not a network
DNS problem.....if I relay emails for that domain through my ISP, they
sent with no problem....there has never been a problem receiving mail
the same domain, just to make thing more confusing....any help

Scott Overfield
Network Administrator
Gratiot County Community Mental Health

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