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Thanks, Yes,
You are right about email addresses, they are created in this way. The
same with MX records, each domain and subdomain have they own MX record
in DNS.
The mail is staying in the queue of the RGC connector between these two
routing groups created in the main domain and another in the subdomain.


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> Hi, we have the main and the subdomain
> There is oen Exchange organization and the Exchange server is running
> the main domain for all users. The is in another site
> AD connected over high-bandwidth VPN, so there is no problem with the
> connection. I installed another Exchange server in the,
> then tried to move some mailboxes over to the server to keep them
> for the users. However those users cannot receive any email
> The can receive and send email to the Internet, and they can as well
> it out to other users in the same organization. I restarted and
> Recipient policies, routing engine and smtp service. I tried also to
> create RGC connectors or even smtp connectors. None of them helped.
> same is happening also with any new mailbox created in that subdomain.
> The mail sent from to is piled up in the
> on the exchange in the main domain. What are requirements to let this
> email flow between and Please let me know
> some your ideas if you had such experience.

I am assuming you have this situation:

MAIN domain name:  users have email addresses

CHILD domain name:  users have email addresses

Have you set up a DNS MX record for the child domain?  It is not
sufficient to set up a MX record for the main domain name.  You also
a MX record for each sub-domain that will be receiving email


Mike Salim

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