RE: email attachments to Internet accounts always corrupted

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My suggestion would be this: if he logs into his exchange acct from
another computer can he send attachments?  I infer this would be a no
because you have rebuilt his computer.  Then if a generic user, not you
because I would infer you have admin rights, log on to his machine can
they send attachments?  If the answer is yes, then I would infer the
issue lies in his acct.   I do not know how big your organization is but
the quickest way to fix this would be to have all his email delivered to
a pst file.  Delete his mailbox and recreate it.  If that does not work
then try deleting his NT acct and recreating it.  If you recreate his NT
account, copy a users acct that you know works that has the same rights
as the current user.

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We are running Exchange Server 5.5 SP4, clients are Outlook 98/2000 on
Win95/98/NT/2000. We have one user, and one user only, who has constant
problems sending attachments to Internet accounts from his Outlook email
account. Attachments sent to local users are OK. He uses Outlook 98 on a
W98 machine, he has Exchange Server client, Internet Mail, Personal
Folders and Personal Address book configured in his mail profile, as
does everyone else. (Mail is delivered to Mailbox but saved indefinitely
in Personal Folders.) Attachments that he sends (MS Word, Excel) end up
as garbage on the other end. I can send the same attachment from my
computer to the same destination, and it will be fine. We rebuilt his
computer, gave him a new computer, gave him a new email account, but the
problem persists. I know it doesn't seem like this makes any sense at
all but I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone has any
suggestions. Internet email sending format is MIME but we have also
tried UUENCODE with no success.  

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