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Not sure if you've considered, since you're clustering your mb role, no other roles can be installed on it. That leaves your CAS role sharing with HT role. You need at least one HT role per site so if this CAS+HT role goes down mail flow stops. That's a bigger problem then your OWA access.
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There is a requirement to provide redundancy for CAS server for a small organization. They are not ready to spend too much money , but want a decent redundancy.


Scenario is something like this:

Two location : A & B

In location A there is one CAS server and in location B there is another single CAS server. Mailbox servers are clustered.

Customer wants only one URL

Also when CAS in location A goes down, users should be able to access it through CAS in location B. Customer do not want to invest in two CAS in one site just for this purpose. Currently they use exchange 2003 and it is meeting their requirement. Now they want the same thing with e2k7.

So now exchange 2007 sp1 on windows 2008 sp1 is setup. But it looks like I cannot use single URL with both the CAS site facing the internet, I need to disable external URL on one of the CAS site. Also if CAS in one of the sites goes down OWA will not work. How do I achieve this?

Am I missing something..i am stuck with this and finding it difficult to convince the customer. Can someone please help.



Praveen R

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