RE: e2k store.exe memory leak

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Same here  (non-profit too)... And that's the problem

Our system is configured with a single (cheapest compaq raid card there
is) with four 36gb 10k rpm drives as a Raid-5 setup.   This would have
been fine for our exchange 5 setup we had previously but unfortunately
exchange 2000 is a pig.

In the recommended install for exchange it says to separate the disk
channel so that the store goes on one channel and the transaction logs
go on another.   I would say it should be more than a recommendation,
but a requirement.   Our drives are pegged all day... There is so much
congestion on the disk channel that the exchange server transaction logs
and store start to back up.  This sucks up all the memory in the server
and literally kills it.   We had an 'experienced' exchange server tech
come in and look at our system.  He tweaked some buffers parameter in
the registry (no idea what it was) and that helped a bit.   However, the
only true fix is to separate the functions on to different channels and
elevate the bottleneck.   Increasing memory in the server may help, I
have seen posts where people just keep throwing memory at it until it
goes away.  However, the Compaq box I am using only supports a max of
1gb so its not an option for me.  We just invested in a second drive
channel to eliminate this problem here (drives just came in, raid
controller tomorrow).   

We recently installed unicenter in our environment and the windows
system agents confirmed the overloaded disk channel.   Its in the red
all day.

Take a look at your server and see if the disks are pegged constantly. 

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Well we are non-profit so money was tight and I could only get a mirror
raid, one channel, 36gig 10,000 rpm

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