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Glad you got through with your DNS issues.
If I am mistaken you are trying to publish a private IP externally?  I
am not aware that this can be done, I do know what you can do is publish
your Public IP (static IP) using your MX records.
Kindly clarify this.
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Hi Khan,
What i have doing  last time is remove the foward lookup zones and
reverse zone, then create again the foward / reverse zone.  amazing, now
it works.  usign nslookup, then the name server is displayed correctly.
the public ip is correct, and the private ip is also shown when i query
for the domain name.  then i remove the host for private ip in foward
lookup zones.  now it work fine.  now the problem for me is, i want to
know how to make my exchange 2000 (using priate ip) can be recognize
from outside ?
i try query for mx record (nslookup), but the result is rto.  i'm share
the internet connection using kerio winroute firewall 5.0.  Hirantha W
had post the solution, but it did not working.  maybe you or other can
help me ?  sorry, my english is not good.

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