Re: distribution list in ex2k3 - remove one user

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Well.. It seems you want an exception capable automatic script driven
distribution group creation method.  The key word here being
"exception".  You have to inject the exception into the equation
somehow.  So you need to tag that user by using some other unused field
in your schema, and re-write the query to do a "get everybody unless
they have something in this field" or you have to do a "get everybody
except for the user named ____" or whatever.  Or you could just simply
inform the user tough beans, and help them write a message filter that
moves that mail to the deleted folder so they don't have to look at it.

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On 15 Nov 2005 at 13:09, Danny wrote:

> A) Modify the query
> B) Create a non-query-based distribution group and manually add the 
> users

Is there a C) choice that allows the best of query based distribution
groups and easy manual modification?
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