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  • Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 23:11:25 -0800

I have not been following this as I have been very busy.

> Here is another header for an email sent Monday 12/8/03 @ 2:34pm and
> received on Tuesday 12/9/03 11:30am. Can anyone help me figure out why it
> would be delayed? i have checked my mx records and firewall configs.
> everything checks out fine.

Nope! What are you using for a firewall and how is it configured?

> Received: from ([]) by hera.olympus with
> Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.6713);
>        Tue, 9 Dec 2003 11:30:16 -0500

This message was received by some server claiming to be hera.olympus on Tue,
9 Dec 2003 at 11:30:16 AM from server at IP
Red flag #1: Who is that server and what is the IP address and why does it
not have a FQDN?

Yellow flag #1: The IP address is listed in 2 spam databases.

Red flag #2: The PTR record for is
which is different that what it is claiming to be above. 

Yellow flag #2: Neither nor nor
IP are in the MX records for

Yellow flag #3: The DNS records for point to
servers, and visa versa.

> Received: ( (329709)@localhost)
>       by
>       id OAA29755; Mon, 8 Dec 2003 14:34:20 -0500 (EST)
>       [ConcentricHost SMTP Relay 1.16]

This was receved by on Mon, 8 Dec 2003 at 14:34:20 PM
from some thing claiming to be 

Red flag #3: This was received by on Monday at 2:34 PM
but was not received by the next hop, hera.olympus, until almost 21 hours

If you do a DNSReport on, you find some interesting

Red flag #4: One of your MX records is a private IP and has no place being
in a public DNS record for that domain.

Yellow flag #4: claims to be host hera.olympus. This is
a violation of RFC821 4.3 

Red flag #5: If you do a who is on IP you find
mentioned. Gee, why does that not surprise me? I have a client that was
using them for MX records and we found lots of examples of delayed mails.

Looking up at

NOTE: More information appears to be available at AS15270.

descr:      NYC
origin:     AS15270
notify:     bgpadmin@xxxxxxxxxx
notify:     routing@xxxxxxxxxxxx
mnt-by:     MAINT-PAETEC
changed:    ted.sanfilippo@xxxxxxxxxx 20030313
source:     VERIO

aut-num:            AS15270
as-name:            PAETEC2-AS
descr:              PaeTec Communications, Inc.
admin-c:            SH9-ARIN
tech-c:             SIN-ORG
import:             from AS2914 action pref = 120; accept ANY AND NOT
export:             to AS2914  announce AS15270
notify:             routing@xxxxxxxxxxxx
mnt-by:             MAINT-VERIO-RA
changed:            boudreat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 20001113
source:             VERIO

Conclusion, the more "issues" there are, the harder to diagnose a problem.

John Tolmachoff
eServices For You

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