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The script looks like what i want to be able to do with contact list.
I have a problem though... it doesn't seems to work for me. Here is the
error i get from my server:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ldap_connect() in
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ldap_exchange.php on line 2

It looks like i can't connect to my LDAP server. I know it is working
fine. Is ther something has to be activated on my server???

Here is my settings i put in the script:

   $dn = "cn=administrator, cn=users, dc=casinomontelago, dc=com";  
   $password = "*****";
   if ($ds) { 
      $r=ldap_bind($ds, $dn, $password);
      $sr=ldap_search($ds,"cn=users, dc=casinomontelago, dc=com",

      $info = ldap_get_entries($ds, $sr);


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