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Your first step should be to search the archives. I and others have posted
many times great information on ways to fight the war on Spam and viruses.


The best way to fight spam is with a multi-faceted or weighted approach,
where several or dozens or more tests are run against message to try to
determine whether or not it is spam. Despite what some vendors may try to
lead you to believe, there is no one end all to stopping spam. If there was,
the war would have been won by now.


I and many others consider the SpamHaus DNSRBL tests medium weighted ones,
meaning we value them but they are not the best. On my systems, it takes
failing at least 2 high ranking tests to actually fail.


John T

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I tried configuring my anti SPAM software to use 

"". It does a good job but this also filters some valid
mails. For 

example if some customers mail server is listed in XBL for some time. Then

will not receive the mails from this server. SPAM mails keep coming 

from different source IP so if i manually keep adding IP's to the block 

list may not me useful. 

I want learn from experts on this. Is it a good idea to use XBL?? Is 

there a better way to control this? Will this help me in saving 

bandwidth? Please let me know your views and experience. 




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