RE: configure EXchange 2000 to collect mail from External mail server

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 08:33:55 -0400

(This reply also appeared in the isa list where the question was
initially posted)

As this is your first Exchange 2000 install I highly recommend you
maintain your current production setup for your emails and create an
additional "testing" environment to work through the configuration
properly.  In other words, if you make changes to your email system, and
your server is not configured properly, you will end up with lost
emails, etc.

Now that the warning is out of the way, you can begin working on your
exchange server.   Basically, it's ready to work out of the box, and
since you want to host your own email services, Exchange is perfect for
the job.  I am not sure how far you got, but, to begin, the two basic
management consoles you will want to work with are these:
Start > Programs > MS Exchange > System Manager And Start > Programs >
MS Exchange > Active Directory Users and Computers

Ok, the System manager is the root of the exchange configuration, here
you will create and configure an SMTP server (Servers > YOURHOST >
Protocols > SMTP > New / Default SMTP Server.  
Note: Make sure you are not allowing relaying in the SMTP server

Next you'll probably want to configure a recipient policy to handle all
the emails to a particular domain.  In your case, you will go to
(Recipients > Recipient policy > Default Policy, Properties) and
configure the E-Mail address policy to the domain that you own

At this point you will want to create email addresses for individual
users in your organization, so open > Active Directory Users and
Computers and under the properties of a user, you will see a bunch of
new tabs added by the exchange install.  Here you can configure email
addresses, delivery options.. etc.

As this is your first install and again, you do not want to interrupt
your current email service, you may want to create the recipient policy
with something like (@ourcompany.local) before publishing yourself
online.  But if you are ready to put it online, maybe with a temporary
testing domain ( then what you will need to do
is add the MX DNS entries to your DNS host (when going to production you
will change to point to your fixed IP address.) Then
your final step to put your machine online is to configure your firewall
to publish / redirect SMTP (port 25) traffic to your exchange machine.

This is just a quick rundown of the whole process, hopefully some list
members have some resources that walk you through all this :)  

Let us know how far along you get and keep questions to this list.

Good luck
- frihani

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External mail server

Hello experts,

I currently installed my first Exchange Server 2000 in Windows 2000
is not directly connected to internet and has only 1 Lancard. I have my
domain controler and 1 win2k Server connected directly to internet.

We have an internet email that has a POP3 and SMTP server.
let say: POP3: and SMTP: also.

Usually what we do is configure our outlook to send/receive email using
that POP3 and SMTP respectively.

But we explore now and take the possibilty of holding our own email
server..So we want to try it using exchange server.

To make it short, what we want to do is to get all the emails from our
internet mail server and store all of them in our Exchange Server and
distribute in our users using outlook.Same as in sending emails..

Is it possible in Exchange Server?

Im new to exchange Server, can you please teach me step by step.
I cannot find any books that fits in my situation.


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