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I would check the User account in Active Directory again.  Take a look
at the exchange alias, which is what is normally put between the
brackets <> when name resolution is done.  Also you could check the user
logon name, display name, etc. in the properties of that user.  Lastly,
the Contact could be incorrect in the address book of the user creating
a new email.

As an alternative you could re-create the user.

Good luck

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i am using exchange 2000, sp3 and windows 2000 server.
when an employee leave and new one replaces them, i rename the profile
the new hire. but when typing an email to that person, in the to field
you'll see jsmith <jdoe>.

if  have changed the setting on the email addresses tab of their
under x400 properties i change the give name and surname to match the
employee. where else do i need to change the name? how can i change jdoe
to say jsmith?



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