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I have seen this happen before with Netgear switches.  They are supposed to
auto negotiate the link type and speed.  Supposedly they will auto detect
straight, uplink, 10/100, etc., etc.  But have seen them refuse to talk to
each other when linked together.

I have also seen Cisco hardware refuse to auto negotiate connections and
drop packets like crazy, or not pass traffic at all.

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Very true, but it would however, still work at 10.



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I think, the best way for your problem is go back to your old switch, if
your old cable is cat 3 , checked your cable is cat3 or cat5, cat3 won't
worked with switch 100mps.

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Hi all,

This seems like a stupid question but here goes :

In the lab I have setup a windows server 2003 inc exchange, and two
workstations, at the time I used an old 24 port 10 meg switch and all works
fine, yesterday I got hold of a new 8 port 100 switch and no matter how I
try I cannot get them to communicate, even by pinging they cant see each
other, so I assumed the 8 port to be faulty, today I purchased a new 8 port
switch and still the network does not work.  I have now tested both 8 port
hubs on another test network and both switches work fine ........ scratching
my head now, how come both switches work on another network but not the
domain controlled win2003 server test network ????????  anone shd a light on
this for me 

Steve Alcock

Calder House
Spring Lane
phone : +44 (0) 1282 871717

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