RE: cannot connect Outlook 2002 to Exch 5.5

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Yes I tried this, I also added entries for each Xchange service(netbios
and preloaded them all.  I think if I used the IP address of the Xchange
server instead of the name when I added the service I could go around this
but that doesn't work either.  
I may add WINS to the server just to be sure.  I wonder if Gateway messed
something up during their preinstall, or applied a security setting that
is preventing my connection.
Thanks for your suggestion.

> In your case, I would add the name of the exchange server and its IP address
> to the LMHOSTS file (since it's an NT domain), also do a #PRE to preload it
> when Windows starts up.
> How (or rather, WHY) do you manage without WINS/DNS on your lan?  Ugh.
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> I have a XP Pro pc (brandnew gateway) running Outlook 2002, i have 
> joined my NT 4.0 Domain and can browse network.  The DC is also running
> Exchange 5.5.  I cannot add the Exchange Server account to my outlook
> profile, it appears that it cannot find the server.  But I can browse the
> Exchange servers shares.  I am not running WINS or DNS on the network, I
> just enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP so I can login and browse the network. When
> I try to add the Exchange server account to Outlook I just get a box saying
> "Requesting Data from Exchange" and it sits there until I hit cancel.  I've
> let it sit there for up to 20 minutes.  I've tried adding the Exchange
> Account using the IP address of the server, but same problem.  Does anyone
> know for sure if I need WINS running on the server, or DNS? Thanks
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