RE: can a virus do this?

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I take it, when you send mail internally, you have the option to relay
for authenticated users ticked. However, external users don't
authenticate. On your internet mail smtp connector, you need to specify
domains which may relay through your server.
Hope this helps


From: David Liles [mailto:dliles@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] can a virus do this?

Can a virus cause this?
We have one Exchange 2000 server we are trying to replace that is
currently exposed (public IP - this is bad... we know).
We have just added a new Exchange 2000 server that is on a private IP
and behind an MS ISA firewall only box.
We have only migrated a couple of email accounts from the old Exchange
server to the new one for testing and are experiencing problems when
sending to those accounts.
We can send internally to any email account without problem, as well as
send mail externally without problem.
We are unable to send mail to any of the users that we migrated to the
new Exchange server from an external email account (fyi... this email
address is external), when we try we get the following error:
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. 

  Subject: FW: Welcome to the Discussion List 
  Sent: 8/19/2003 9:33 AM 

The following recipient(s) could not be reached: 

  dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 8/19/2003 9:33 AM
  You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance,
contact your system administrator.
  < #5.7.1 smtp;550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for
ISA configuration:
We have published our Exchange server using the Secure Mail Server
publishing wizard.
Users are able to access the internet.
Protocol Rules allow for DNS Query and DNS Zone Transfers and SMTP to
travel out
IP Packet Filters configured for SMTP inbound and SMTP outboud
(individual filter entries)
Other configuration info:
The Exchange server has a private IP and is configured with DNS
The NIC DNS entry points to itself and the DNS service is configured to
forward to our ISP's DNS server.
The default gate way is the private IP of the ISA box.
The recipient policy used for the user accounts having problems is the
default for our domain.
Any ideas why we are having his problem?
Thanks - Dave

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