RE: best way to deal with blackberries without BBES?

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   I was in a similar situation not too long ago...  here is how I
handled it.  (I now have a BB Enterprise and Goodlink Server licenses,
but this is how I handled it before those were in place)

1. Obviously, you do have some hesitations in completing the request,
and for obvious reasons.
        - you do not want to have to support multiple devices without a
'central system' that can monitor the devices or push out updates.  
      - Nor do you want to approve this for one user, because they WILL
tell other BBerry users what you have done and then everyone will expect
the same services.
        - Also, if a user replies from the BBerry device, the e-mail
will appear from their BBerry e-mail address, and not their corporate
e-mail address.  This often confused customers and/or caused their
e-mails to be triggered as spam by the recipient domain.  Another thing
that you have to spend time on troubleshooting.

How I handled the issue
1. Called HR and asked them their opinion of forwarding company specific
e-mails to external accounts/devices that are out of your control.
        - HR did not like that idea and immediately agreed that it is a
risk to have unsupported devices receiving company specific e-mails.
This was due to two reasons; 1. If the device is lost, most standard
BBerry users do not lock their devices and data is easily readable and
2. If an employee is terminated, they have an 'archived' copy of e-mail
available to them and is easily distributed to competitors or can be

2. Spoke with my CIO and she stated - we do not have the manpower to
support multiple devices without a central management console (in other
words, no BBES).  She put a stop to it.  

3. I created a 'policy' that states Company specific e-mail is not to be
relayed to third party devices without the written consent of the HR
department. (Key here is to make sure HR is included on this decision.)

4. This allowed me to decline requests to forward e-mails to handheld
devices, and allowed users to take it up with HR. Most often, employees
do not like to fight much with HR.

5. Eventually, HR did allow me to forward mails to Director level and
Higher employees for obvious reasons.
  - if this happens, you should do the following to setup forwarding:
        1. Create a 'Contact' account in ADUC for the users BBerry
address.  I did this by creating an account called 'zzzUser Name' with
the associated BBerry e-mail address.  (The 'zzz' in front of the user's
name prevented the employees name from showing up twice in the GAL -
unless of course someone searched zzz first.)
        2. Go to the users AD Account and check the option to Forward
Mails To:, and select the appropriate 'zzz' account that you created.
        3. Select the option to forward a copy of the e-mail and keep
one locally on the server.

Hope this helps you in your fight!

Chris Wall

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Got this request from one of our users in the Toronto office

    Hi Harondel, 
    I would like to request that you set up a 'forwarding rule' on the
    server that copies my email to my lap top and also redirects my
e-mail to my
    blackberry.  My blackberry address is .......

This end user has access to OWA and downloads her email via pop3
from our exchange server.  She is the only one of 60 or so staff members
a BB, so there is zero chance of putting in BBES.  Should I just grant
request or is there a better way to do this? Ideally something that she
manage herself? I am getting pretty tired of managing people's BB's
they are too lazy to RTFM (a few other clients). Also security policy
not allow her to setup her BB webmail account to download email from our

exchange server.

This is Ex2k3 enterprise btw.

Harondel J. Sibble 
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