[ExchangeList] activesync for iphones not working anymore

  • From: "Harondel J. Sibble" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 16:18:30 -0700

-------------------------------------------------------SBS 2k8 server, last 
activesync device setup was an ipad2 on June 24, now any 
devices attemping setup don't work, tried the same ipad (existing account 
works) but adding a new account does not, several iphone 4's and a 3g with 
4.x firmware all fail with multiple exchange accounts tested.

get an unable to verify account info message continuing anyways using server 
name, when mail check happens, get error about "password incorrect", however 
using same credentials user can login to OWA or TS just fine.

Activesync is enabled on each account,

If I setup the ipad account above on an iphone, it works, any others don't 

I've stopped and restarted the "MSExchangeSyncAppPool" in IIS Manager, no 
change, Ran

Set-CASMailbox -Identity <SMTP Address of user> -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

for one of the mailboxes in question and it just comes back saying no changes 
were made to the account.

Contrary to above, after stopping and restarting all the Exchange and Bes
services, the 2 problem accounts are NOT able to login to OWA
successfully, TS still works fine though.  The original account that was
setup on the IPAD and others all work fine.

So it's looking to be something specific to these accounts.  One of them
was renamed when a new user took over the position, but the other one was

I've gone through the other accounts in the organization and all work fine
in OWA except these 2 accounts and about half the folks are using
ActiveSync devices without issue.

Created a new account/mailbox, OWA works fine, as does ActiveSync on the
iphone so looks to be an issue with the specific 2 accounts in question,
suggestions on what I should be looking at next?

Harondel J. Sibble 
Sibble Computer Consulting
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