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Since you can use OWA, and you probably have a firewall or router/firewall,
you must be aware of having configured the firewall to pass http (port 80)
or https: (port 443) traffic to the Exchange server.   The reason you cannot
"find" the mail server with Outlook is because that requires much more than
ports 80 or 443.

Don't change anything in the firewall.  It's keeping your server from being
the target of hackers.  In fact, if you have port 80 open, you want to close
that, install a certificate, and only access OWA over https/443.

Now, what you are missing in Exchange is called "RPC over https".  This lets
you access the server with Outlook, securely, without a VPN.  The
requirements for this are all of the 2003 products (Windows, Exchange,
Outlook) and Windows XP on the client.

Single server or without front-end servers:

Front-end/Back-end architecture (URL may wrap):


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It would be nice to setup a vpn, but haven't gotten that far yet, I
might investigate that further sounds promising.  As for the networking it. So if I cant do it, it aint getting done.  Thanks for the


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Hi Nick,

Let me know if vpn exists in your network.
it is pretty simple. if any pptp/vpn servers exist in your domain, you
can vpn from outside and login to your domain.
you can use mapi or IMAP including pop3,

if you do not have vpn you can one of your 2000 machines as pptp
servers and let me know if you have any pix running in your network,
configuration is easy you need to coordinate with your networknig

IBM-Exchange Team

On 7/24/05, Nick Smith <Nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i am running exchange 2003 on a server 2003 computer, i have it setup
> correctly and can check email with outlook 2003 on my laptop, but when
> leave the domain, aka go somewhere else with an internet connection,
it can
> never find the exchange server for me to check my mail. i have to use
OWA, i
> would really rather use outlook.  is there something in exchange i am
> missing to set up? i would have thought that it would just work, but i
> not.
> thanks for any help
> Nick------------------------------------------------------

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