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Do you have an internal DNS service that sync's off your companies ISP

What we did was associate an MX record with our companies domain and we have that as an MX record in our DNS server
which associates with the correct internal IP address
of our Exchange server.  This allows us to use both the OWA by using  and entering
"" in email software when accessing it both internally
and externally.

Not sure if this is the best solution, but it works for us, so it might
give you a starting path.

Keith Duemling

Computer Security: "There is no 'patch' for stupidity."

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how do we access exchange server 2000 from home,
if we use internet email setting in outlook?

i've tried and  i filled pop3 and smtp server in outlook
but the system said that pop3 and smtp server is not found..

how do we set exchange?



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